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Studio Y

Studio Y is a beautiful place to feel glamorous. We're a team of positive individuals with the knowledge and creativity to customize your look and make it one of a kind.



Yoni has been a dedicated hairstylist for over 15 years. He continuously strives to better his craft by learning new techniques and by expanding his knowledge through hair education within Canada, Israel, LA, and New York. He is highly motivated to go above and beyond his client's expectations and provides them with extraordinary results.

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Hair Stylist

Chelsea has possessed a passion for hair and the beauty industry her entire life. She is a skilled stylist with 6 years of experience and has mastered a wide range of hair techniques and skills you'll fall in love with. Her specialties include balayage, blondes, haircuts, formal hairstyles, extensions, and even makeup application!

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Salon Manager

Kalene is young and cultured and has developed a passion for beauty and fashion whilst working in Amsterdam. She developed her management skills traveling Australia and New Zealand. Kalene's greatest asset is her love of people and a natural talent for depicting people's strengths as well as the ability to make people feel comfortable within her presence.

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Hair Stylist

Laranda specializes in color corrections, blondes, extensions, solid colors to fashion colors. She has a passion for ensuring that all her clients meet their hair goals! She is absolutely amazing with a wide range of skill sets in which she has worked hard and diligently throughout her 6 years as a hairstylist.

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